Hello I’m Andrew G. Dunn and this is my spot on the internet. Here I document projects and topics that interest me. Through pursuit of these interests I’ve been able to interact with people all over the planet and deeply enjoy the wide reaching world of science, computing, and specifically open source.

For a long time I’ve been extremely interested in how information moves, specifically censorship resistant technologies. I’ve fiddled with decentralized and federated systems as overlays as well as explored the conventional underlays for communication. I’ve been fascinated with gathering information and using models or visualization to explain phenomena or tell stories. Many things documented here will be related to the bootstrapping fundamentals learned along the way in exploration of these interests.

I used to frequently cross the oceans when there wasn’t a global pandemic complicating things. I live in Grand Rapids, a city near the fourth or fifth metacarpal bones of the hand shaped mass within the United States.

I work as a researcher for the United States Army where I wrangle a layercake of technologies together to perform human in-the-loop simulation for direct feedback on future prototype technologies. I’ve spent a good deal of time in simulation and optimization. Mainly chasing interesting/emergent phenomena in realtime simulation for use in non-realtime exploration.

While not computing my interests are in old mechanical or electrical systems, specifically the initial pathing from first discovery to eventual market application. If it stores or moves information I’m typically infatuated with it. I’m always interested in exploring outside and gab’ing with new people over a {food, drink}. Frequently I get requests to shoulderlook or assist on efforts related to postings here, typically this is enriching. If you find something of interest here please consider reaching out!

Conventions #

This site comes in two forms, one is a conventional Blog with the intent that it’s a temporally fixed set of observations. There will be heavy use of the Depricated tag for things that are likely timed out. The other is a collection of notebooks where my intent is to generally keep them up with my current context on each topic. Nothing is ever complete, so you’ll see a lot of these boxes:

Go deeper on this topic area, typically with references.
Explain the technical choice.
Explain a gap in knowledge.

The site is built with Hugo and Hugo-Book.

Contact #

[email protected]