Six Days in Scotland

Two years ago we adventured to Iceland, Scotland, and England. Shortly after I'd committed many notes down for this article, but then procrastinated for over two years. It was a delight to revisit this locale through our notes and pictures, hopefully the write up compels you make your own pilgrimage to the center of the Scotch universe.

Activities near Las Vegas

I’ve had the opportunity to visit Las Vegas several times in recent years due to it being a popular local to host conferences. I don’t gamble or sit poolside, so I’m typically looking to find other forms of activities. Personally, I’d not choose Las Vegas as a destination, but anytime I get a chance to travel I’ll try to find a way to make the most of it.

Five Days in Iceland

As mentioned in a previous post we visited Iceland, Scotland, and England in September of 2016. I wanted to make larger, more media focused posts for each country to dig into the visually appealing things one can discover in each theater.

Planning Iceland, Scotland, England

We had the strong desire to make a trip overseas around the time that I was turning 30. There's a wide world out there, but we'd been piqued by books, films, and whisky, to make a trek along some lines that would put us in North Eastern Scotland for a bit. In this post I'll describe out overall trip planning, anecdotes we learned from execution, and in some follow up posts I'll describe our time in each country more intimately.

Travel Pack, Accessories, and Anecdotes

For our first trip overseas we needed to select a pack, accessories, and put everything together anticipating things we'd never done before. I'll try to cover what we thought we'd anticipate, what we experienced, and lessons we learned from the journey.