From Ghost to Hugo

Ghost has been a bit of a wild ride over the last two years. What I’d started with would now be considered ghost-legacy which was their 0.11.x series of releases. For a little while I’d actually been able to comfortable package it in the ArchLinux User Repository. I’d abandoned packaging when ghost-cli became a requirement. Without a package I resorted to excessively using the --no-setup stage blockers and become increasingly frustrated with the quirky and aggressive release schedule of ghost and ghost-cli.

From Vultr to Packet

After spending several years relatively happy with Vultr it was time to finally dig into the 'bring your own OS' features that announced a while back. Turned out to have all the features necessary for me to transition, but does currently require some physical intervention to get working in the way that makes sense to me. Overall the experience has been wonderful and I'm happy to have a new provider for my remote systems.

Network Hardware Selection

After several deployments of varying size and complexity, an offered opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of choosing Ubiquiti hardware for your next project. Originally written in early 2017, there are some updates from early 2018 relating to technical/ideological facets that have come up in the last couple years of operating Ubiquiti equipment.

Self Managed Storage

As our digital legacies continue to grow with advanced capture systems, its important to consider taking some control over assuring how that legacy is perpetuated. There are many enterprise grade technologies that are within easy reach of the individual who wants to start building out their home lab. Rather than send monolithic emails to people who inquire about this topic it seemed more appropriate to write out my opinions openly, and maintain them as more experience is gained. This is written from the approach of accomplishing this task 'properly' as I personally see it. People have different initial objectives when considering this project. I'll focus exclusively on storage and backup while ignoring things like streaming/trans-coding, or acquisition.

Distribution Purity via Vultr

Choosing a hosting provider when you want the familiarity and trust of your native distribution resources is actually quite difficult. Many of the juggernaut providers offer features that require them to have control over your kernel and boot-loader.