Selective Powertop tunables via Systemd

If you've got an intel system and want to have your powertop tunables selectively stick then you can't rely on the auto-tune feature. If you do, you'll notice some subsystems are not available right when you want them (e.g. a mouse). It's better to profile and selectively apply the configurations that make sense for your use.

Project Fi, ArchLinux, Thinkpad T470s

It has been a personal desire to have mobile broadband connectivity with a laptop and not have a requirement for peripherals like MiFi or Tethering, for half a decade. When it became possible to get LTE modems in newer model Thinkpads it was time to see if Fi had made data-only SIMs that would work nationally/internationally.

Linux on the T470s

Trying to find a modern laptop that works well with Linux is quite difficult. I've been on a journey with difference manufactures ranging from Panasonic, Dell, HP, Lenovo... It's quite a mess. Thankfully the T4x0s line of laptops form Lenovo have proved to work well (generally) for the last couple generations. Herein is a discussion of selection criteria and some anecdotes for getting things to run smoothly.