2019 May Assorted Links

Photo taken in December 2018 at Greenfield Village’s Weaving Shop in Dearborn, Michigan with a Pixel.

It’s been a bit since the last assorted links. These are good for me (to keep track of my scouring), taking a break wasn’t a great idea.





  • The Elbphilharmonie Hall surely is a spectacle to set foot within.
  • There are some prolific rock formations known as the Duncansby Stacks in the Northmost section of Scotland. A wonderful photo by Max Taylor Grant
  • Gladstone’s Library in Wales is breathtaking.
  • Cochem has a picturesque castle over the city on the Rhine. It’s suggested to take the train from Cologne or Bonn to Mainz, particularly the direct connection with the intercity train via Koblenz instead of the express train. The track at times runs along the Rhine displaying some of the finest medieval castles Germany has to offer and the Lorelei, a mythological slate rock and rock bank in the river.
  • The Sacra di San Michele is insane.