2018 August Assorted Links

Photo taken in July 2016 at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in Las Vegas, Nevada with a Sony Alpha α7II, FE 28mm F/2.

Couple days late due to some travel, but this one was larger than my first attempt.



  • Things like the demoscene have always amazed me, where amazing engineering inginuity is celebrated in a visual and auditory experience. With machines being so powerful it seems crazy that someone would give themselves an arbitrary limit so small, but these limits force some pretty wild creativity. This guy crammed a bootable cd retro game into a tweet
  • Why I ripped the same CD 300 times and it’s follow up Error Beneath the Wavs was an awesome read. There was a fun Hn conversation to follow along with as well. If you’re interested in music archival you should look at beets.
  • The Cloudflare Blog usually has interesting articles, this one on C10K problem was interesting as it headlines with saving “54 years per day” on the internet. Simultaneously interesting and a bit shaking to realize how pervasive cloudflare is for serving content these days.