I’ve dabbled on and off for over a decade with keeping an active blog. I rarely engage in something that I’m lukewarm for, so my pedantic attempts at public writing was a bit of a strangeness. My initial objective was to communicate a semblance of technical ability, but I didn’t have a good feeling for imparting judgment on the technology or praxis I was documenting. As I aged professionally/emotionally/intellectually I realized that I was self selecting to mentor as often as individuals would willingly seek me out about a topic of interest. Many times those interactions would result in valuable learning moments for myself, where I’d become more confident in my own ability to impart some sort of judgment or wisdom about the deeper natured why within the technical topic itself.

I found that I was referencing past discussion mediums to reread, gestate, reiterate knowledge about particular topics. However, I was doing this frequently, and I wasn’t taking the time to generalize the concepts. Many times the knowledge transmission being based on a mutual understanding of the receivers experience in the requisite domains. This generalization has become increasingly important as time becomes less free, and the opportunity to mentor occurs more frequently. I’d always struggled to find resources to mentor me. So when someone breaches a topic with my that I’ve got a significant amount of intellectual investment within, I want to be able to respond in kind with some resources to prime our future discussion by sussing out the requisite knowledge areas.

So, in this incantation of the “blog” I’ll take my most aggressive stride towards documenting topics that I previously would have considered “discussion over dinner”, or “long form email”, as a medium. I’ll be working towards generalizing these things so that I can share them with a new acquaintance as easily as they could be discovered by a completely stranger.

Maybe, if I am successful, I’ll use this as a first line of publication for more academic and professional topics. Many times those of us who seek to publish our intellectual journies are confronted with the sheer amazing intellectual productivity of humanity, and feel blunted in sharing our own explorations. I’ll be working towards writing more about the application of technologies, particularly in the simulation and analysis domain where I spend the most of my time professionally/academically.

If you’d like to find more places where I slum around on the internet, here’s a somewhat curated list:

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